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Measure skin conductivity to indicate
emotional arousal and stress

Quickly and easily assess emotional intensity

Measure moments of heightened skin conductance

Electrodermal activity (EDA; also known as Galvanic Skin Response, or GSR) measures the electrical activity conducted through sweat glands in the skin. This gives you an indication of the intensity of an emotion experienced.

What is Electrodermal Activity?

How does it work? 

Our level of emotional arousal changes in response to the environment we’re in – if something is scary, threatening, joyful, or otherwise emotionally relevant, then the subsequent change in emotional response that we experience also increases eccrine sweat gland activity. This is what EDA / GSR devices capture when placed on the hands or feet.

Skin conductivity is regulated by the autonomic nervous system, which controls a number of bodily processes that can influence cognitive and emotional behaviors. EDA / GSR serves as a valuable index of emotional arousal as it offers insights into a respondent’s underlying physiological and psychological processes.


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The iMotions EDA / GSR module

Main features

The iMotions Electrodermal Activity / Galvanic Skin Response Module seamlessly integrates wired and wireless EDA / GSR devices from Shimmer, BIOPAC, and Empatica, so that you can conduct studies in both lab-based or real world settings, according to your chosen stimuli. The software allows you to easily quantify these moments of significant, increased arousal through automated peak detection and easy exporting of raw data, metrics, and visualizations.

Plug & Play EDA sensors integrated with iMotions

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Acceleration of research output and increased marketability

AcademiaCustomer case

iMotions helped Professor Roger Azevedo at North Carolina State University improve research efficiency and increase output.

Combine biosensors and uncover underlying emotions and responses

The iMotions software combines EDA naturally with other biosensors like eye tracking and facial expression analysis to efficiently unpack human emotions and physiological responses. Click on an icon to learn more about the biosensor module.

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