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Facial Expression Analysis

Gain deeper insights into expressed facial emotions

Assess emotions in facial expressions

Using automated facial coding in a single platform

Facial coding is the process of measuring human emotions through facial expressions. With facial expression analysis you can test the impact of any content, product or service that is supposed to elicit emotional arousal and facial responses. 

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Facial coding

What is it? 

One of the strongest indicators for emotions is our face. As we laugh or cry we’re putting our emotions on display, allowing others to glimpse into our minds as they “read” our face based on changes in key face features.

Computer-based facial expression analysis mimics our human coding skills quite impressively as it captures raw, unfiltered emotional responses towards any type of emotionally engaging content. These expressed emotional states are detected in real time using fully automated computer algorithms that record facial expressions via webcam. 

The iMotions FEA module

Main features

The iMotions Facial Expression Analysis Module seamlessly integrates leading automated facial coding engines: Affectiva’s AFFDEX and Realeyes. Using a webcam, you can live synchronize expressed facial emotions with stimuli directly in the iMotions software. If you have recorded facial videos, you can simply import videos into the iMotions software for facial expression analysis post-processing. Gain insights via built-in analysis and visualization tools, or export data for additional analyses.

screenshot of participant's facial expression analysis and GSR peaks during an experiment in iMotions software

How does the FEA module categorize facial emotions?

The module provides 20 facial expression measures (action units), 7 core emotions (joy/happiness, confusion/anger, fear, disgust, contempt, sadness, and surprise), facial landmarks, and behavioral indices such as head orientation and attention. These output measures provide probability values to represent the likelihood that the expected emotion is being expressed. Summary scores of engagement and valence are also provided, giving you an overview of the overall expressed response.

Timeline annotations and LiveMarkers also make it possible to perform behavioral coding in iMotions. Combined with biosensor data and self-report, facial expression analysis and behavioral coding provide more profound insights than could otherwise be achieved.

iMotions works with these partners and more:

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Cutting-Edge Methods for Faster and Improved Human Factors Research

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Dr. Camilla Grane, Professor Bjarne Bergquist, and Dr. Peter Törlind at Luleå University use iMotions to improve the speed at which research can be done, and to develop new ways to explore previous research to uncover novel findings.


Combine biosensors and uncover underlying emotions and responses

The iMotions software combines facial coding naturally with other biosensors like eye tracking and electrodermal activity to efficiently unpack human emotions and physiological responses. Click on an icon to learn more about the biosensor module.

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