iMotions Access for Your Students

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Enable students to set up studies and analyze data
Free up lab time for data collection
Easily transfer licenses across students

New Offering!

Student License Bundles

Biosensor research and teaching with iMotions shouldn’t have to be limited by time or budget, especially when it comes to student access to software.

Students have the capacity to learn from and greatly contribute to studies with iMotions, both inside and outside the lab, so we’ve introduced a new Student License setup allowing them to:

  • Analyze biosensor data
  • Contribute to studies with the full range of iMotions study design and analysis features
  • Learn the fundamentals of multi-sensor research in a hands-on way
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Save Money on your Lab

Tie Student Licenses to a single Core License

The Student License bundles come in sets of 5 or 10 licenses, and are linked to your iMotions lab, so you can purchase as many sets of student licenses with a single data collection (Core) license as you like!

  • 1,100 EUR / 1,200 USD for 5 licenses
  • 1,900 EUR / 2,100 USD for 10 licenses

After a year, you renew your Bundle subscription along with your regular Support & Upgrade.


Educators already using iMotions

How it works:

Flexible licenses

Full control over license access and management 

  • Unlock the licenses with a transferable license key
  • Migrate student licenses across student PCs (Windows only) so they can be used for the duration of a project and then removed or transferred to the next
  • Supervisors and professors can therefore also easily revoke the license from students who have left the lab

A flexible, portable license for students

  • Study analysis can be performed remotely – students can use the license outside of the University or lab network, and are not tied to being in the physical lab space! This flexible solution frees up professors’ time and the lab itself for data collection
  • Student licenses only allow for data analysis and study setup, not collection, so they are not tied to the lab space

iMotions gives students the possibility of delivering useful and eye-opening analyses. It gives them new perspectives both on their education and also their future career.

Thomas Hildebrand Christiansen
Research Manager at Rynkeby Foods