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Human Behavior Mega-Lab @ Nebraska

The new human behavior multi-machine mega lab (Cab Lab) offers a diverse set of psychophysiological data collection technologies and a unique toolbox to answer some of the most interesting questions posed by academic, governmental, military and private-sector entities.






Car Simulator Lab for Mythbusters Episode

In the MythBusters Dangerous Driving Episode aired on August 8th, 2015, the MythBusters team determined whether driving while talking hands free is really less dangerous than talking while holding a cell phone. iMotions was asked to power the experiment setup integrating a car simulator with human behavior sensors, including eye tracking and facial expressions, to really determine attention and reactions in both test scenarios.

Innerscope_logoIntegrated Consumer Neuroscience Labs

Innersope uses iMotions to integrate multiple measures of conscious & non-conscious responses, including bio sensors, eye tracking & facial expression analysis into their Sensus™ data collection concept. This is the first integrated consumer neuroscience kiosk, which delivers an unprecedented combination of market research tools in a single, scalable platform.


After several years of using a number of different technologies we have transitioned to using the iMotions Software, which now seamlessly integrates our main technologies into one unified platform. The platform’s scalability as well as its ability to build up against the input/output API, makes it an ideal flexible solution for our multi-site research solutions. We appreciate the operational efficiencies achieved as well as the general benefits we get from partnering with iMotions’  responsive and support oriented team.

Bill Moult, Innerscope CEO


How iMotions Biometric Research Platform works in a lab environment


Wearing sensors on the head and arm, a subject performs a task while cameras focus on his face and body, detecting body posture, eye movement, pupil size and facial “micro-expressions” such as smiles or frowns.


The devices provide neuro-physiological feedback, recording data & displaying real-time readouts of joy (smiles), anger (frowns), surprise (raised eyebrows) & other emotions, including contempt, sadness & fear.


Yellow dots appear on a computer monitor showing where the subject’s eyes are aimed, how long they linger and when they move.


Galvanic skin response sensors measure heart rate, body temperature and sweat, indications of the subject’s emotional responses.


Electrodes attached to the head produce electroencephalography that shows the brain’s “cognitive load” — how hard the person is thinking while solving a brain-teaser, for example.

iMotions flexible lab setups offers solutions for a variety of scenarios

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Standard lab setup to evaluate screen based stimuli


Mobile lab setup to evaluate real life or simulated environments


Interview lab setup


Scene Camera lab setup to evaluate objects and mobile devices

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