iMotions 9.3.11

Feature additions

  • We have optimized the processing of the AFFDEX thresholding export. 
  • Users will now be informed about potential Smart Eye Pro world model mismatches before starting a recording
  • For Smart Eye Pro studies, we have added the ability to import externally recorded screen videos. These can then be embedded and replayed in the existing study recording. We have also added a new iMotions Capture Agent application to record screen data synchronized with iMotions.

Bug corrections


  • An issue caused by study merging has now been corrected
  • We fixed an issue caused by importing or creating AOI templates
  • We fixed a potential issue with heatmaps created on websites
  • Remote control API capabilities have been expanded, providing greater support for simultaneous connections from many external clients. 
  • A potential bug with the AOI editor has now been fixed