iMotions 9.1.6

Feature additions

  • You can now use small images or gifs as calibration points for Smart Eye Aurora, AI-X and Smart Eye Pro (in single screen setup) and manually adjust the location the calibration points will be shown at
  • It is now possible to also sort studies by filesize in addition to name and date
  • You can now run EEG signal processing for EEG data collected via LSL. This also allows you to collect data from EmotivPRO over LSL
  • It is now possible to stream out recorded data over the API while it is being replayed
  • We updated our integration with Lab Streaming Layer  (LSL) library to the latest version v1.15.2

Bug corrections


  • Markers created through LSL can now be displayed in Replay window
  • Markers generated from an ABM device can now be displayed in Replay window
  • We fixed an issue causing iMotions to crash when browsing to an external disk drive from the export Sensor Data window
  • We fixed a bug occurring when copying a recorded event

Eye Tracking

  • We fixed an issue causing the Tobii X3-120 to run at a lower sampling rate, which was introduced after we updated to the Tobii SDK 1.9 released in iMotions 9.1.5
  • When drawing a polygonal AOI, you will now see all anchor points in the trail
  • We implemented some optimizations to the workflow when you are creating a Gaze Mapping from a Stimulus Annotation
  • We solved an issue causing eye tracking data not to be displayed in case the stimulus contained special characters


  • We fixed a bug when connecting Shimmer devices, leading to the message that iMotions failed to discover Bluetooth devices although they could successfully be detected