iMotions 9.1.4

Feature additions

  • You can now select the time of day during recording as the timestamp shown when replaying your data
  • To speed up your analysis, it is now possible to link Gaze Mapping reference images to all respondents with the same Annotation. When batch importing multiple reference images, you can now also associate them with an Annotation right away
  • We added new data columns (External data, Event marks) for Argus Science ETvision mobile eye tracking glasses
  • By default, you are now able to access the screen during face and screen recordings. If you prefer to show a black slide on the screen instead, you can active this in Global Settings
  • We made improvements the scene calibration usability of Smart Eye Pro. When defining the world model, it is now more obvious what orientation the objects have

Bug corrections


  • We fixed an issue with AOI metrics not showing up if Japanese characters were used in the path name
  • We fixed a problem with the Gaze Mapping timelines from another respondent showing instead of the correct ones which could occur if the respondent was selected under certain circumstances
  • We solved a problem with the import of Tobii Glasses 3 data failing