Feature additions

Bug corrections


  • We solved an issue that caused error prompts when a new study was created or imported while an analysis from a different study was selected
  • iMotions now shows the correct threshold values for the Affectiva thresholding notebook when revisiting the Signal Processing UI after having entered new parameters in a previous step
  • We fixed a bug which would overwrite new parameter values if other parameters were previously saved as default for the R notebooks
  • We fixed a rare bug that would prevent Sensor Preview from opening because of a corrupt settings file

Eye Tracking

  • We solved an issue that would display a faulty sampling rate for manually advanced online studies with webcam based eye tracking
  • Smart Eye AIX now no longer faultily shows up in the list of available web cameras
  • iMotions is now preventing a crash when Smart Eye world model screen objects have a resolution of (1,1)


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