Feature additions

  • You can now define what type of device you connected over LSL
  • Online Data Collection studies will now always have to run in a 1920×1080 resolution
  • The Metadata in your SensorData export now contains even more information about units, the nature of the signal, as well as a categorization of your channels. If you are using the channel identifier for your scripts, we recommend that you double check the headers in case they got changed (for data collected after this change)
  • You can now start a Tobii Glasses 3 recording directly from iMotions and download data from the recording unit over WiFi
  • Viewpointsystem Glasses are now spelled correctly in the UI
  • The Smart Eye Pro Real Time Clock data is now available in iMotions as well as the exports
  • When exporting sensor data, you can now see when a respondent recording was started in milliseconds since 1/1/1970 (Unix time in ms)
  • You can now use data quality indexes to segment your respondents when creating an analysis

Bug corrections


  • We polished some details in the Signal Processing UI
  • We fixed an issue that could lead the AOI metrics export to fail
  • Stimulus Annotations are now also included in the exports even if the stimulus ends before the end of the Stimulus Annotation

Eye Tracking

  • We fixed a small issue with the importer of Pupil Core data, making it more robust to missing data in the glasses’ files
  • We improved the stability of the web camera eye tracking algorithm for Online Data Collection
  • We fixed a Smart Eye Aurora/AI-X connectivity issue for PCs used by more than one user, which occurred if not all of them had the Smart Eye Tracker/Setup Tool software installed

Facial Expression Analysis

  • Updated data will now be applied automatically if you post process facial coding data after having run the thresholding notebook


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