iMotions 9.0.12

Feature additions

  • You can now create studies with web surveys and test plans
  • You can now include open text fields in web surveys generated with iMotions’ inbuilt survey tool
  • We added metadata to the summary metrics exports, allowing you to identify the device used for data collection as well as the R notebook with which you processed the data. Data from multiple devices of the same modality are now organised in columns instead of rows. Because of this change, you might experience a longer load time the first time you open an already existing analysis

Bug corrections


  • We fixed a bug with survey templates
  • We fixed an issue with parameter choices deviating from the default of some notebooks not being applied. If you created a new analysis in iMotions 9.0.8 through 9.0.11 using the EEG frontal asymmetry and GSR epoching notebooks, we recommend that you re-run the signal processing with this version
  • We fixed an issue with the Advanced Segmentation not being shown when first respondent is untested


  • We integrated the latest ABM B-Alert SDK, v. which offers a new metric, the Mu rhythm. This also fixes a disconnect issue during the impedance check. If you are currently connecting data, we recommend to first update once your study is completed