Feature additions

  • We have updated the Smart Eye Pro recording stimulus image to match the Smart Eye Pro app v.10 logo.
  • The epoching export now supports ECG heart rate and smoothed EMG data, in addition to GSR/EDA.
  • The GSR Peak Detection algorithm now runs on the entire exposure, instead of by stimulus. Time event markers for peaks are automatically generated.

Bug corrections


  • We fixed a potential issue with license checks when loading iMotions.
  • A minor issue with the export UI has been fixed
  • A spelling error on the gaze mapping editor has been fixed
  • A potential issue with the collection of diagnostic information has been fixed
  • A bug caused by duplicate naming of study segmentations has been fixed
  • We fixed an issue caused by naming an analysis with an already existing name
  • A minor text issue with the export display has been fixed
  • An issue with naming analyses has been fixed
  • An error caused by creating and naming new analyses in imported studies has been fixed
  • We have fixed a minor bug with the media preview window
  • An issue caused by merging a study that has an analysis and scene to a study that does not have an analysis or scene has been corrected
  • A potential issue with raw data aggregation has been corrected
  • EEG frontal asymmetry and power spectral density aggregations have been updated
  • A potential issue with the media player has been fixed
  • A potential issue caused by refreshing the connection to BLE devices has been fixed
  • We fixed an issue with saving all studies to a file while iMotions is unable to access a file or directory
  • A bug concerning the recording of mouse events has been fixed

Eye Tracking

  • iMotions now supports Smart Eye Tracker software version 10.1.2. The Smart Eye Aurora now also shows better error messages when the Smart Eye SDK returns errors
  • We fixed an issue with the A01 editor and Smart Eye Pro world images
  • We fixed an issue with gaze point visualization in from Smart Eye Pro studies
  • We fixed an issue that occurred when replaying Smart Eye Pro recordings with an external video attached
  • We fixed a bug caused by editing the A01 time span duration 


  • GSR/EDA epoch exports have been updated to avoid the use of non-numeric scientific notation (e.g. 5e-04).


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