Feature additions

  • Loading time and memory usage has been improved for long studies without (or with very few) eye tracking samples
  • We have added the option to undistort the video feed from Pupil Invisible glasses. 

Bug corrections


  • Recording durations could be displayed incorrectly for long recordings, this has now been fixed
  • We fixed a potential issue with replaying long recordings
  • We fixed an issue with loading the AOI grid for R
  • An issue with splitting AOIs near the start of the recording timeline has been fixed
  • Video scene configurations have been updated to restrict the file type to WMV
  • An issue with importing large files from Mobile studies has been fixed
  • The Smart Eye Pro UI has been updated to display 3D models correctly
  • We fixed a potential issue with re-processing previously corrected Pupil Invisible video feeds
  • We have fixed a potential issue with the AOI editor when carrying out gaze mapping
  • We have updated and corrected the Pupil Invisible recording start time data

Eye Tracking

  • We fixed an issue with gaze mappings on video stimuli that did not have an ending marked, potentially creating undefined scene fragments
  • It’s now possible to show Smart Eye Pro left and right gaze intersection position in world model 3D view
  • We have updated and improved communication with the Smart Eye API
  • We have now added support for the creation of 2D Smart Eye Pro stimuli images for world models with normalized screens resolutions


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