Feature additions

  • You now have the option to export Sensor data as .txt in addition to .csv
  • Data files from Varjo Aero (in mp4 format) can now be imported to iMotions
  • The Sensors tab in Global Settings has improved search functionality
  • The average GSR peak amplitude is now part of the GSR Metrics Export
  • It is now possible to include Annotations in the individual and aggregated AOI metrics export
  • iMotions now supports the ABM B-Alert x24 reduced strip
  • We added a new channel to LSL data called “LSL Timestamp”. This timestamp is calculated by the LSL library. Each sample is timestamped in seconds, representing the relative elapsed time since system boot-up or 1-1-1970
  • Event API messages now has an option to be serialized in JSON format

Bug corrections


  • We solved an issue that could reset the manually applied synchronization of eye tracking glasses data with other biosensors when a study was reimported into iMotions
  • We solved an issue with stimuli not being replayable in studies with a block design
  • iMotions is now using the resolution of the stimulus when exporting large stimuli as an image with gazes (e.g. a long web scene), making its content better readable in the export


  • We solved a newly introduced issue with the EEG signal processing not using the correct channels in studies run with the Neuroelectrics Enobio headset without an LSL device profile

Eye Tracking

  • We solved an issue causing the wrong eye tracker to be preselected for online studies
  • We fixed an issue of Gaze Mapping scene fragments not being generated when created from Annotations
  • We solved an issue with web camera based eye tracking not processing
  • We cleaned up some small UI bugs related to defining AOIs
  • When duplicating an AOI, the new AOI will now always be on top of the original one

Facial Expression Analysis

  • We solved an issue changing the display name of the Affectiva landmark channels


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