Feature additions

  • We simplified how Support can help you to unlock a license
  • You can now use Hidden Markov Models to classify fixations
  • We updated the Tobii pro SDK to 1.9. Your Tobii eye tracker will continue to work normally and no action is required from your side

Bug corrections


  • We fixed a small issue preventing you from opening Heatmaps and Surveys
  • The progress wheel while processing R notebooks now displays more accurate information on the status of data aggregation
  • We fixed a small issue caused by non-ASCII characters in the name of a Gaze Map
  • LSL devices can now be identified by their full source ID

Eye Tracking

  • Now, you can only open the Gaze Mapping editor for respondents that were actually exposed to the selected stimulus
  • If calibration with a SmartEye eye tracker fails, it is now possible to continue and run a data recording nonetheless (and collect data from all other sensors)


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