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Khora | Expanding Reality

iMotions + Khora Partnership

Researching human behavior and physiological responses to Virtual Reality content

Who is Khora?

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, Khora is Scandinavia’s leading Virtual and Augmented Reality content production studio. Having produced more than 200 VR and AR productions, they expand the possibilities of what can be done with these new media. With this explorative spirit at heart, they work with multiple industries, ranging from Healthcare, Arts, Museums, Education, Marketing, Architecture, Construction, Training & Simulation, to name a few.

customer trying a headset at Khora VR studio


Content Production

  • 200+ VR & AR Productions
  • User-driven approach
  • Experienced team of programmers, 3D artists, & 360º video filmmakers

Khora is iMotions’ preferred VR & AR content provider that is capable of producing the right type of content for your research. They are also currently collaborating on the SO REAL project, a VR project with the Capital Region of Greater Copenhagen that aims at helping people overcome Social Anxiety: