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You get not only our leading software. You get brain capital.

As part of your software license for iMotions data collection and analysis platform, you get extensive access to first-hand expertise anytime you need it. You’ll be guided by experts in neuroscience and human behavior research, who help you execute high-quality study design and research in a cost-effective way as quickly as possible. We do the hard work for you, so that you obtain results without added complexity.

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What happens when you become an iMotions client?

You get more than just software.

What’s included in your software license package:

  • A Customer Success Manager, who is your personal research consultant for as long as you’re an iMotions client
  • Onboarding Training for your team to learn how to conduct studies in iMotions and use biosensors
  • Access to our Support team for day-to-day support questions and troubleshooting (we have over a 95% approval rating!)
  • Login to our Help Center, which has 400+ knowledge articles on getting started, lab setup, data analysis, biosensor integration, etc

Additional services you can benefit from:

  • iMotions Academy, an intensive 5-day, in-person training program, ending in a biometric research certification
  • Online bootcamps for training and re-training your team in biosensor research and iMotions
  • Specialized in-person workshops according to your research needs
  • Consultancy on study design, data analysis & insights generation for specific research needs
  • Informative webinars on applied research areas like healthcare, performance training, UX and consumer behavior


Overview of Services

Throughout your research journey, we gather all your research needs in one place.

Guidance from subject-matter experts

All new iMotions clients get onboarding and continuous research guidance from their personal Customer Success Manager, who are experts in psychology, neuroscience, behavioral science and, of course, all sensor hardware.

Workshops, bootcamps & training

Our Product Specialists host in-person and online sessions dedicated to upskilling your team to conduct research using iMotions with the latest biosensor technologies. You’ll also learn how to triangulate data and generate results with different modalities.

Consultancy Services

Our experienced consultancy team helps you build your research practice and expertise via hourly consulting on study design, analysis, and insights generation on specific studies you’re looking to run.

All our training and consulting

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Your iMotions Onboarding is handled by one of our experienced Customer Success Managers, who will take you through the 2-step procedure; the Technical Onboarding and the Analysis Onboarding. Each is a 1½ hour procedure that instills best practices in human behavior research, which we have established after enabling more than 1,300 academic and commercial clients to succeed with world-class research.

1300+ clients conduct human behavior research with us.

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