Customer Stories

Our customers work across industries and application areas. Any study or research that involves humans is a possible use case for iMotions. We enable insights into the human mind and behavior in almost any scenario.

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  • Faster and Improved Human Factors Research

    In the DEPICT LAB at Luleå University of Technology, Dr. Camilla Grane, Professor Bjarne Bergquist, and Dr. Peter Törlind may have three distinct research areas, but their use of iMotions for human factors research connects them in one unified lab where they can share resources and publish faster. 

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  • How a UX Study Helped Change Real Estate Law

    A new real estate law in Denmark requires banks and mortgage companies to present two “mandatory front pages” to every loan proposal, containing five key figures which will help give borrowers the overview they need to choose the right loan. This is a direct result of years of focused behavioral economic research and analysis by the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority, powered by iMotions.

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  • Perfecting Performance

    What makes a good driver? We put Smart Eye’s eye tracking technology and iMotions’s biometric analysis platform to the ultimate test: turning the physiological signals of race car drivers in extreme conditions into powerful insights that help them become better drivers.

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  • Agile Methods for Human Factors Research

    FORCE Technology conducts flexible human factors research in natural environments with iMotions.

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  • Measuring Instant Emotional Reactions to Film Trailers

    Real-time trackable emotion technologies are the future of consumer insights in cinema audience measurement, says top Danish film production company after their pilot study with iMotions.

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