Understanding Learning Engagement with User-Centered Human-Computer Interaction in a Multimodal Online Learning Environment

Jiahui Ma

Elizabeth A. Johnson

Bernadette McCrory

Multimodal online learning environment improves learning experience through different modalities such as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic interactions. Multimodal learning analytics (MMLA) with multiple biosensors provides a way to overcome the challenge of analyzing the multiple interaction types simultaneously. Galvanic skin response/electrodermal activity (GSR/EDA), eye tracking and facial expression were used to measure the learning interaction in a multimodal online learning environment. iMotions and R software were used to post-process and analyze the time-synchronized biosensor data. GSR/EDA, eye tracking and facial expression showed real-time cognitive, emotional, and visual learning engagement for each interaction type. There is a tremendous potential for using MMLA with multiple biosensors to understand learning engagement in a multimodal online learning environment was shown in this study.

This publication uses Eye Tracking, Facial Expression Analysis and GSR which is fully integrated into iMotions Lab

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