The Forensic Biometric Analysis of Emotions from Facial Expressions and Physiological Processes from the Heart and Skin

Abstract: Decision-making, perception, memory and social interactions are greatly driven by emotion. Emotions can be measured from facial expressions through the facial muscles. A group of four students were exposed to emotionally loaded stimuli (videos and images) in its full complexity to assess the valence of the emotional expression, the associated arousal, skin respiration and the heart rate. The iMotions software has the capability to detect voluntary as well as involuntary physiological responses of the different individuals. The responses of the participants when shown different stimuli were personalized. The software has great potential in the forensic sciences for analyzing the responses.


  • Biometrics
  • Physiological processes
  • Emotions
  • Forensic Science
  • Skin
  • GSR
  • Heart
  • Brain
This publication uses Facial Expression Analysis, GSR and Respiration which is fully integrated into iMotions Lab

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