Enhancing the Professional Vision of Teachers: A Physiological Study of Teaching Analytics Dashboards of Students’ Repertory Grid Exercises in Business Education

Kostas Pantazos

Ravi Vatrapu

This paper reports on a study of the design, development and evaluation of two teaching analytics dashboards that visualize students’ repertory grid exercise data. The technical objective of the dashboards is to support teachers to investigate and compare personal constructs and element ratings by students for given topics of study at the individual student, group or classroom levels of analysis. The pedagogical objective of the dashboards is to facilitate formative assessment feedback to students and feed-forward refinements to ongoing instructional practices. The teaching analytics dashboards were evaluated with six university teachers in a bio-metric usability study with integrated physiological and performance measures. Eye-tracking data from the two dashboards showed the relative importance of dashboard areas in each case in terms of aggregate gaze allocation. Findings informed the iterative design of the dashboards leading to teachers not being adversely affected by the visual clutter of the less important dashboard areas in their pedagogical decision-making. The results also showed that the dashboards were efficient and effective from a task performance perspective and were rated to be pleasant from a subjective satisfaction perspective. Regarding education technology innovation, teachers reported that such dashboards are lacking in their regular practice and would recommend their use in formal business educational settings.

This publication uses Eye Tracking which is fully integrated into iMotions Lab

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