Dermal Fat Grafting to Reconstruct the Parotidectomy Defect Normalizes Facial Attention

Barrett J Anderies

Jacob K Dey

Nelson R Gruszczynski

Daniel L Price

Eric J Moore

Jeffrey R Janus


Use validated eye‐tracking technology to objectively measure 1) the attentional distraction of facial contour defects after superficial and total parotidectomy and 2) changes in attentional distraction with abdominal dermal fat graft reconstruction.

A Tobii Pro X3 eye-tracking camera system (120 Hz) and iMotions Biometric Research Platform software version 7.1.14670.18 were used to objectively measure how participants viewed the study images. The system utilized an infrared eye tracking sensor mounted below the stimulus screen to capture each participant’s gaze patterns.

This eye-tracking study objectively demonstrates that total parotidectomy results in a facial contour deformity that is distracting to observers, whereas superficial parotidectomy does not. For total parotidectomy, this attentional distraction can be normalized with dermal fat graft reconstruction.

Key Words:
Superficial parotidectomy, total parotidectomy, abdominal dermal fat graft, eye tracking, facial contour deformity,
facial attention.

This publication uses Eye Tracking Screen Based which is fully integrated into iMotions Lab

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