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iMotions Advanced API

Increase Research Possibilities

Biosignals and beyond

Bring more than just biosensor data into iMotions

The Advanced API allows you to connect iMotions to almost any device beyond our standard biosensors, input and output the data, set triggers and more. And it’s included when you purchase iMotions.

Key Features

of the iMotions Advanced API

men using iMotions software

  • The combination of input and output API in iMotions allows for a closed data loop experience. iMotions is able to send out data received by an external application and in turn process the data and send it back into iMotions.
  • Forward data out of iMotions to other devices, and use biosensor data to trigger events. Use data such as x, y coordinates from eye tracking, or EDA peak detection to signal to an external device to change behavior.

Clients using the iMotions API include:

Who can benefit
rom the iMotions API?

Simulators, vehicles, biofeedback devices, gaming devices, and anything else that can communicate via UDP/TCP architecture generates a variety of data that can be important for unpacking human behavior. Bring all of this into iMotions to better understand how participants behave, in synchrony with biosensor data.

iMotions works with these partners and more:

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VR Driving Simulator

AcademiaCustomer case

The MythBusters team wanted to determine whether driving while talking hands free is really less dangerous than talking while holding a cell phone. iMotions powered the experiment setup, integrating a car simulator with biosensors. The iMotions API was used to receive trigger events and to send the driver’s biosignal data in sync with their driving actions for further analysis.

Combine biosensors and uncover underlying emotions and responses

The iMotions software also combines the API naturally with other biosensors like eye tracking and facial expression analysis to efficiently unpack human emotions and physiological responses. Click on an icon to learn more about the biosensor module.

We support you all the way

How to get started

When you become an iMotions customer, what’s included is your very own dedicated consultant who will be your main point of contact for continuous support and consultation as long as you choose to stay with us. Included in your iMotions license is also full access to our Help Center and Support team for any day-to-day requirements.

Our team of Ph.D. experts and consultants will make sure your onboarding is successful and you’ll benefit from being able to speak to someone who knows your business, the challenges you face, and your long term objectives.

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