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iMotions and PLUX Announce Partnership

Addition of PLUX biosignalsplux sensors allows iMotions customers to develop deeper insights into physiological and psychological states

COPENHAGEN & LISBON, January 2024iMotions, the world’s leading software platform for studying the drivers behind human behavior, today announced a partnership with PLUX, developer of an industry-leading multi-sensor platform, that will integrate Plux biosignals plux sensors into its biosensor portfolio – giving researchers another vital indicator of the state of human physiology. 

With Plux’s sensors, researchers will be able to expand multimodal data acquisition to include respiration signals. This leads to a stronger triangulation of psychophysiological signals underpinning the emotional and cognitive states of study participants. Respiration measures, in particular, can reveal feelings of excitement, happiness, anger, anxiety, stress and sadness.

PLUX sensors will be available in the iMotions platform at the end of Q1. 

“Understanding human behavior and its implications is critical for our customers – whether they’re researching the human condition or making major decisions about products and services,” said Peter Hartzbech, CEO of iMotions. “We are here to help them stay ahead by continuing to evolve our platform to meet the multimodal, multi-dimensional research needs of today and tomorrow.”

The iMotions platform continues to provide the largest suite of multimodal solutions with access to more than 10 different research methodologies from 50 different partners – including eye tracking, facial expression analysis, GSR and many others.

Using respiration rate, depth and patterns in research helps to identify stress, arousal, personality factors and emotional responses. These sensors are used extensively in fields including human factors, market research, exercise science, psychology and personality research, clinical research and biofeedback. They are used in commercial research to hasten product design and development, improve marketing and enhance performance and training.

“The integration of PLUX Biosignals sensors into the iMotions platform marks a significant step in our journey to advance human behavior research,” said Rita Cristovão, CEO of PLUX Biosignals. “Our collaboration goes beyond a simple technological union; it’s a combination of insights and expertise, focusing on improving our understanding of human physiology and psychology. We are ready to discover the innovative research opportunities that our partnership with iMotions will bring.”

For more information about the new respiration rate module, visit here

About iMotions

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Copenhagen, iMotions, a SaaS company, has developed the world’s leading human behavior software platform. More than 1,300 organizations around the world – from leading academic institutions to global brands to highly respected healthcare organizations – use iMotions to access real-time and nonconscious emotional, cognitive and behavioral data. By integrating and synchronizing all types of sensors into a single platform, iMotions provides researchers with access to deeper and richer insights – and the most complete picture of human behavior. For more information, visit

About Plux

Established in 2007, PLUX Biosignals is a pioneer in advancing biosignals monitoring technologies. Our mission is to create biosignals solutions that drive innovation in education, research, and healthcare. We are experts in engineering platforms that integrate wearable body sensors such as electromyography (EMG), electrocardiography (ECG), respiration, accelerometers with biosignals monitoring and acquisition software. From user-friendly educational tools like BITalino to our advanced research systems like biosignalsplux, we design our products to empower and inspire users to unlock the full potential of biosignals technology in transforming lives and advancing human health. Visit us at and let’s make progress together.