• Publisher: Escuela de Ingeniería y Ciencias, Tecnológico de Monterrey
  • Authors: Javier Izquierdo-Reyes, Sergio Navarro-Tuch, Ricardo A. Mendoza-Ramirez, Martin R. Bustamante-Bello and Roberto Avila-Vazquez


This work presents advances in research of emotions recognition by using facial expressions to be used in active security system focused in driver monitoring systems to provide efficient assistance through Advanced Driver Assistance Systems to drivers when poor driving performance is detected; researchers have called to this approach Advanced Driver Monitoring for Assistance Systems (ADMAS). This paper provides the state of the art and the framework for future experimentation and system development in a real driving environment.


  • Driver monitoring
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • Advanced Driver Monitoring for Assistance Systems
  • Emotions recognition

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