iMotions 9.3.9

Feature additions

  • We have updated the Shimmer SDK, which supports the latest firmware and improves data quality checks
  • Heart Rate Variability analysis is now available for iMotions Mobile studies
  • We have updated and improved the workflow for calculating Power Spectral Density and Frontal Asymmetry for EEG devices connected by LSL

Bug corrections


  • We fixed a bug with gaze mapping scene fragments
  • We fixed an issue with the baselining of AFFDEX data

Eye Tracking

  • We fixed a potential issue caused by replaying videos in the gaze mapping editor
  • We fixed an issue caused by creating gaze mapping when the time position in the video is after video duration
  • We fixed an issue with the Replay Editor that occurs when a scene doesn’t have any time fragments
  • We disabled the option to do vertical scroll gaze mapping for video stimuli