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Annual renewal
Non-commercial use only
  • 1 x workstation license
  • Unlimited studies
  • Research community
  • Customer success program
Annual renewal
Requires academic license
  • Price per license
  • 5 and 10 license bundles
  • Student access
  • Research community
Annual subscription
Commercial use
  • 1 x workstation license
  • Unlimited studies
  • Affdex & Smart Eye integrated
  • Customer success program
iMotions Online
Quarterly Annual
Any use
  • Unlimited studies
  • Webcam eye tracking
  • Affdex integrated
  • Customer success program

Please be advised that the above prices are the annual renewal/subscription price of one iMotions Core license for either academic or commercial entities, unless otherwise specified. The purchase of the iMotions research software package is an additional one time entry purchase. The first year of renewal/subscription is included in the one-time software purchase.

iMotions Customer Success Program

Providing the full experience

Your Annual Renewal covers the following services you will receive as part of entering our Client Program. This allows you to get research results faster and have certainty about metrics, applied methods and study design.

  • Continuous access to the iMotions software
  • Your own personal Customer Success Manager as daily research consultant and knowledge partner, including help with study design (also for PhD students)
  • Onboarding training to start using the software faster
  • Software updates – direct access to new releases and features to use
  • Weekday technical support (95% satisfaction rating)
  • Access to our online Help Center with more than 400 articles and guides

Best suited to your budgetary needs

3 Components of our pricing: Software, Biosensors, Training

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