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iMotions Webinar Series

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Measuring Anxiety in VR

Tue Hvass, PhD. & Technical Specialist Mike Thomsen present how biosensor data can be used to measure anxiety for healthcare applications.

Bringing Neuroscience to Business Schools

Jessica Wilson, PhD. and Robert Christopherson provide a crash course in the most common biosensors used in business research and education.

What are Emotions, and How do We Measure Them?

What can we reliably measure about an individual’s “emotional experience”? Brendan Murray, PhD and Jessica Wilson, PhD introduce how measuring emotions helps us understand human behavior.

April 8, 2020 at 6PM CEST / 12PM EDT

Lab, real world, or phone screens - All about eye tracking setups

Join Tom Baker, PhD. and Kerstin Wolf as they walk through eye tracking setups, analysis options, use cases and recommended hardware, from screen-based to mobile testing and VR.

Thursday, April 23 4PM CEST / 10 AM EDT

2020 Events

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COVID-19 Update

Updated: March 12th 2020

We are happy to sponsor or to be invited as speakers at the events listed. But due to the current situation of Covid-19, iMotions representatives will not be attending any physical events in the near future. We look forward to hopefully soon be back on stage and with on-site demos around the world. Until then, we are available online!