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Behavioral science can be complex

It doesn’t need to be difficult

We help jumpstart your research program 

Reduce the human behavior research learning curve

iMotions’ Enablement Services team is here to help you become the best behavioral science researcher you can be. Our mission is to leverage standard, repeatable research methodologies to minimize the research learning curve for our clients, and to help you execute your own high-quality research in a cost-effective way as quickly as possible.

Mindshare has worked with iMotions for years thanks to their creative and unique approach to biometric analysis and measurements. Their experience with testing commercials has kickstarted our knowledge-building on how people understand ads and the new measurement methods surrounding it.

Arnt Gustafsson
Arnt Gustafsson
Director, Business Planning & Analysis - Mindshare

The iMotions team is at the top of their game. The iMotions team has been there to help at every step of the way, from the initial training on iMotions' software, helping me with study design and delivery of projects right through to data coding, analysis, and delivery of reports. My knowledge and ability within this area has grown tenfold and has allowed me to deliver projects with great confidence and in a timely fashion.

Sara Costa
Sara Costa
Insights Manager, Shopper Science Lab London, GSK

Typical areas for iMotions Enablement Services

We work across the corporate spectrum with clients worldwide within various areas.

Screenshot of advert experiment in iMotions with visualizations of biosensor metrics


Understanding and testing TV and digital advertising themes, elements, and styles that get attention and elicit emotional responses.

Example Methodologies for Ad Testing:

  • Eye Tracking
  • EEG
  • EDA / GSR
  • Facial Expression Analysis

Types of iMotions Enablement Services

iMotions helps execute studies and reach your goal of conducting successful human behavior research


Our team can help you to build your research practice and expertise via hourly consulting on study design, analysis, insights generation, or with any other research areas.

Assisted Service

Our team takes an active role in the execution of your research projects. We will design your study, analyze the results, and provide you with high-quality insights.

Full service

For teams who want to “try before they buy”. Our team can execute a full end-to-end research project for you. You provide us with the scope and business questions, and we will do the rest.

Standardized methodologies

Static image testing

Package Design
Shelf Set
Print Advertising

Fragrance testing

Finished Fragrances
Fragrance Ingredients
Consumer Products

Ad testing

TV Advertising
Digital Video Ads
Creatives and content 

Web-based UX testing

Web Utility
Site Layout
Navigation Assessment
Web-based Creative Elements

Companies worldwide are using iMotions


Structured around your needs

Looking to build up your foundational knowledge in biosensors, study design, data collection, and more? Inquire with us about holding a workshop for your team. Workshops are specifically catered to you, so you’ll get a personal walk-through of the main technologies, use cases, and modalities for your lab.

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Let us guide you through

Our global Enablement Services team has over 30 combined years of experience in traditional and biosensor-based consumer insights research. We have delivered consulting services across myriad industries and research practice areas.

Samir Karzazi
Samir Karzazi
Director, Enablement Services
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Khoi Vo
Khoi Vo Ph.D
Technical Client Consultant
Location: North Carolina, USA
Ph.D in Cognitive Neuroscience

Expertise in: Neurophysiology, Data Analysis, Statistics, Research Design
Alice Loh
Alice Loh
Manager, Enablement Services
Location: Singapore
Alyson Bortone
Alyson Bortone
Neuroscience Enablement Technician
Location: Boston, MA
Ariadna Hidalgo
Ariadna Hidalgo
Enablement Services Assistant
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Demet Soyyilmaz
Demet Soyyilmaz
Enablement Services Assistant
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark