The use of eye tracking is growing at an exponential rate. Whether it’s with psychology research, market research, usability testing, or other investigations into human attention, eye tracking equipment is an essential addition in so many cases. By combining eye tracking hardware with iMotions, you’re able to reach insights in all of the aforementioned fields in a simple and straightforward way.

Below we have presented a ranking of the top eye tracking companies, ordered by the number of publications found through Google Scholar. The publications are a mixture of patents, scientific articles, equipment testing, and book chapters, so while not entirely definitive, are at least illustrative of the reach of each eye tracking company, academically speaking. Let us know if you have any other favorites or want to know more about eye tracking prices!

 tobii logo eye trackers

1. Tobii

(9230 publications)

Tobii was founded in Stockholm in 2001, and has become a key figure in the eye tracking world, with a huge amount of publications using their tools. Providing eye tracking units for research, assistive technologies, and gaming, it has shown itself to be a versatile and formidable company. Eye tracking units with glasses and VR headsets are also available.

smi eye tracking company

2. SMI

(6040 publications)

SMI (SensoMotoric Instruments) have been around for 26 years now, and have been tried and tested as experienced providers of eye tracking equipment. SMI was acquired by Apple and have sold over 6000 units, and have featured in about as many publications. They also offered both eye tracking with glasses, and with VR.

 sr research eyelink

3. EyeLink

(5530 publications)

EyeLink eye tracking units are made by SR research, that provides several solutions, including portable and head-bound systems. Their equipment has been used in several thousand publications, making them an extremely strong contender in the eye tracking market.

iscan eye tracking company


(2650 publications)

Based in Massachusetts, ISCAN first started in 1980 and have sold thousands of eye tracking units, garnering mentions in thousands of publications along the way. Head-mounted and remote eye trackers are available, as are ultra high speed units (with speeds up to 1000Hz).

LC technologies

5. LC Technologies

(1130 publications)

LC technologies was founded in 1986 (in a basement in Virginia), and soon the Eyegaze system was produced. Binocular and even monocular eye tracking is available with their computer-based setups.

 eyetech eye tracking

6. EyeTech

(441 publications)

Eyetech Digital Systems has been around for over two decades, and offer eye tracking for both research and as an assistive technology. Based in Arizona, the company was the first to engineer a USB-connected eye tracking unit.

the eye tribe

7. The Eye Tribe

(227 publications)

Although recently acquired by, and now owned by Oculus (who are owned by Facebook), The Eye Tribe was founded in Copenhagen as an eye tracking company in 2007. The devices were designed with affordability in mind, and the Tracker Pro was produced to help everyday users interact with technology more efficiently.

 ergoneers eye tracking company

8. Ergoneers

(185 publications)

Ergoneers was founded in 2005 in Munich, and now provides portable eye tracking solutions as well as large-scale vehicle driving simulation setups. The company aids real-world driving studies and with benchmarking vehicles.


9. Smart Eye

(149 publications)

Smart Eye began in 1999, and now offers both eye tracking and head tracking units. Working with automotive companies and in flight simulators, Smart Eye is a company that is focused on helping improve transportation.


10. Mirametrix

(92 publications)

Mirametrix started in 2011, and offers small USB-connected eye tracking units. Based in Montréal, the company is a relatively new entrant to the eye tracking field, yet has appeared in almost one hundred publications.

pupil labs eye tracking company

11. Pupil Labs

(80 publications)

Pupil Labs is a fairly new Berlin based company, that offers open source coding and hackable eye tracking solutions. The company offers relatively affordable and customizable eye tracking units.


12. Gazepoint

(39 publications)

Gazepoint have been developing eye trackers for over 10 years, and are  based in Canada, providing eye tracking equipment for research, and also for UX design and usability testing.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a bit about the top current eye tracking companies. If you’d like to learn more about eye tracking then check out our comprehensive guide, available through the link below. It’s full of insight about vision, attention, and how to understand these processes in the best possible way.

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