A new approach towards evaluating the performance of maritime officers by the utilization of mobile eye tracking system and facial electromyography

Maciej Gucma

The following paper presents the use of simulators in maritime training development, with an emphasis on ship bridge operations during the training and assessment phase using Mobile Eye Tracking System (METS) and Facial EMG (fEMG). In the maritime field research on human factors, the goal is to implement metrics of eye motions and facial muscle interaction, to explain the basic methodology, and defining several data analysis types. Using both devices is considered an essential facility to understand trainees’ competence, sensitivity to uncertain disturbances, and proficiency for the evaluation of Situational Awareness (SA) and stress measurements. The process flow in real-time is implemented by the usage of both devices Tobii pro glasses 2 and (fEMG Shimmer device) connected with iMotions platform for data analysis. It is recommended that a case study be carried out of the fire onboard scenario that verifies the incorporation of both devices as useful tools for simulator training.

This publication uses Eye Tracking and Facial Expression Analysis which is fully integrated into iMotions Lab

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