Influence of Label Design and Country of Origin Information in Wines on Consumers’ Visual, Sensory, and Emotional Responses

Chang Liu

Chetan Sharma

Qiqi Xu

Claudia Gonzalez Viejo

Sigfredo Fuentes

Damir D. Torrico

This study aimed to evaluate the influence of origin information on Pinot Noir wine labels using eye-tracking and its associations with purchase intent, and hedonic and subconscious emotional responses.

Two studies were carried out on untrained university staff and students aged 20–60 years old. Study 1 was conducted to assess consumers’ (n = 55; 55% males, and 45% females) self-reported and subconscious responses towards four design labels (with and without New Zealand origin name/script or origin logo) using eye-tracking and video analysis to evaluate emotions of participants. In study 2, participants (n = 72, 56% males, and 44% females) blind-tasted the same wine sample from different labels while recording their self-reported responses.

In study 1, no significant differences were found in fixations between origin name/script and origin logo. However, participants paid more attention to the image and the brand name on the wine labels.

In study 2, no significant effects on emotional responses were found with or without the origin name/script or logo. Nonetheless, a multiple factor analysis showed either negative or no associations between the baseline (wine with no label) and the samples showing the different labels, even though the taste of the wine samples was the same, which confirmed an influence of the label on the wine appreciation.

Among results from studies 1 and 2, origin information affected the purchase intent and hedonic responses marginally. These findings can be used to design wine labels for e-commerce.

This publication uses Eye Tracking which is fully integrated into iMotions Lab

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