Exploiting Micro Facial Expressions for More Inclusive User Interfaces

Alessio Ferrato

Carla Limongelli

Mauro Mezzini

Giuseppe Sansonetti

Current image/video acquisition and analysis techniques allow for not only the identification and classification of objects in a scene but also more sophisticated processing. For example, there are video cameras today able to capture micro facial expressions, namely, facial expressions that occur in a fraction of a second. Such micro expressions can provide useful information to define a person’s emotional state. In this article, we propose to use these features to collect useful information for designing and implementing increasingly effective interactive technologies. In particular, facial micro expressions could be used to develop interfaces capable of fostering the social and cultural inclusion of users belonging to different realities and categories. The preliminary experimental results obtained by recording the reactions of individuals while observing artworks demonstrate the existence of correlations between the action units (i.e., single components of the muscular movement in which it is possible to break down facial expressions) and the emotional reactions of a sample of users, as well as correlations within some homogeneous groups of testers.


This publication uses Facial Expression Analysis which is fully integrated into iMotions Lab

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