Evaluations That Matter: Customer Preferences Using Industry-Based Evaluations and Eye-Gaze Data

Abstract:  This study is the first stage of a research program aimed at understanding differences in how people process 2D and 3D automotive stimuli, using psychophysiological tools such as galvanic skin response (GSR), eye tracking, electroencephalography (EEG), and facial expressions coding, along with respondent ratings. The current study uses just one measure, eye tracking, and one stimulus format, 2D realistic renderings of vehicles, to reveal where people expect to find information about brand and other industry-relevant topics, such as sportiness. The eye-gaze data showed differences in the percentage of fixation time that people spent on different views of cars while evaluating the “Brand” and the degree to which they looked “Sporty/Conservative”, “Calm/Exciting”, and “Basic/Luxurious”. The results of this work can give designers insights on where they can invest their design efforts when considering brand and styling cues.


  • Eye-tracking
  • Product Evaluation
  • Automotive Design
  • Vehicle Design
  • 2D
  • 3D

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