Engaging Learners in Synchronous Online Training Using Facial Expression Analysis Technology

Serap Zel

Gazi Murat Duman

Elif Kongar

The rapid growth of digitalization and the rise in the number of remote work environments have amplified the importance of remote training using online learning platforms. The effectiveness of online training relies on factors such as training content, methods, trainer skills, and technology platforms. In addition to these internal, and generally, controllable factors, various uncontrollable factors also impact the overall learning experience and outcomes. This paper explains how facial expressions analysis technology can enable an engaging learning experience for diverse participants in online synchronous training. In particular, we explore influential factors affecting learning experience. Learner feedback and practical design methods are delineated to form an engaging learning model using facial expression analysis.


Training, Face recognition, Technology management, Europe, Cultural differences, Tools, Streaming media, Online learning, facial recognition, learning experience, technology management

This publication uses Facial Expression Analysis which is fully integrated into iMotions Lab

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