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Measuring consumers’ emotional responses has become ubiquitous in consumer market research over the past decade. With iMotions you can offer non-intrusive measurements into the nonconsciously generated signals during the actual experience, removing bias and subjectivity.

Gain the full picture 

Go further with biosensor data.

Because the consumer experience relies so heavily both on what consumers can, and cannot, verbalize, measuring both of those things is critical to growing strong consumer relationships and providing the best experiences possible.

With the iMotions software platform, you can use neuromarketing techniques to capture physiological reactions during an experience to research accurately how we as humans think, feel, act and respond. Flexible modules for Eye Tracking, Facial Expression Analysis, skin conductance response, EEG and more allow you to start measuring, with just the devices you need for your methodologies. 

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How do biosensors capture human attention and emotion?

Present your creative, synchronize biosensors, manage respondent data, and analyze nonconscious human responses – all in the iMotions Platform. Click on an icon to learn more about each biosensor module. 

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The iMotions Platform works with any kind of biosensor


Sell your clients on the value of
human behavior research

Your clients come to you to get answers to crucial business questions. Human behavior research with biosensors will help clients with what they’re looking to understand:

Predict Campaign Success

Measure respondents’ emotional engagement with print, tv, mobile, or web communications and advertising

Quantify attention and emotional intensity

Assess not just where respondents look but also how a stimulus makes them feel

Identify problem areas

See where a design, layout, or product creates frustration or confusion

Test explicit and implicit consumer responses

Ensure an optimal product or UX presentation by focusing on nonconscious, physiological, and expressed responses

Adapt studies to real-life, lab, or virtual realities

Use screen-based devices or take your studies in store with screen-based and portable eye tracking glasses and EDA / GSR devices in natural environments.

Analyze data natively

Aggregate, visualize, replay, and export your biosensor data for quicker insights.

Neuroscience for Effective Digital Strategies

BusinessCustomer case

iMotions helps HeyHuman think differently about brands and marketing. By measuring people’s behavior during advertising testing, UX studies, concept development and more, Neuroscience Consultant Aoife McGuinness is able to deliver more nuanced insights and create more engaging content.

Industry Standard for Consumer Research

BusinessCustomer case

Crispin Haywood and the Shopper Science Lab at GSK wanted to measure consumer behavior in realistic physical shopping environments. Now they can – with eye tracking and other biosensors in iMotions – in order to surface insights of what works and what doesn’t in retail.

Mad*Pow adds quantitative data to UX research with iMotions

BusinessCustomer case

Dan Berlin, VP of Experience Research, describes how Mad*Pow brings value to clients by providing a fully rounded view of user experience. With iMotions, they go beyond the inherent cognitive bias found in normal research, remove complexity in analyzing biosensor data, and improve the company’s product offerings to clients.

A new way to keep advertisers in the game

BusinessCustomer case

SPARK uses the iMotions Platform to track eye movements and measure brain activity (EEG) to analyze players’ visual attention, emotional engagement and frustration levels elicited by ad display during mobile gameplay.

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Our Enablement Services include workshops, training, pilot project execution, and ad hoc consulting.

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