Copenhagen Academy October 2024


October 7, 2024


October 11, 2024



Theoretical as well as practical training with hands-on tasks

The 5-day Academy Certification Program is tailored to provide value to researchers of varying experience levels, industry, or academic interests. Our agenda includes theoretical knowledge and best practices for biosensor modules relevant to your group. Hands-on training with biosensors allows attendees to become proficient at designing and executing studies, as well as analyzing data and presenting results from study to report.

Attendees are presented with an iMotions Academy Certificate following program completion.

The iMotions Academy is available at €2200 (excl. VAT) per person at the Copenhagen Academy. Request full details, as well as pricing for Boston and Singapore Academies.



Before Monday’s program please think about a study that is relevant to your use case. We begin the week with overall introductions before deep-diving into Facial Expression Analysis and Eye Tracking. We end the day with a demonstration of the Online Data Collection module.


Tuesday’s program is dedicated to lectures on Galvanic Skin Response and EEG. You will be presented with specific use cases. You will be introduced to the API/SDK feature and the sensor data and single processing. The day ends with a focus on VR eye tracking.


Mid-week you start on the hands-on training and work on your own study. You learn how to design a good study and pilot your study design. This day ends with using the data analysis and producing your results.


Thursday is a continuous work day on your study collecting data and making analysis.


We end the week with your examination and certification! You will prepare and present your work to the rest of the team.

Practical Information

Please bring:
• Your own PC with the Academy license activated (Mac is not compatible with our software).
• With Installed and working Microsoft Excel.
• With Installed and working PowerPoint.
• You do not need to bring your own sensors for the Academy, we will provide you with our in-house sensors.

We look forward to having you all here at iMotions and hope you enjoy our academy week.


Kristen Bernikows Gade 6, Copenhagen, Denmark.


For questions about iMotions Academy please contact us here:

Community Group

As part of attending the iMotions Academy, you get to access our research community with other like-minded researchers all using iMotions. All online communication during and after the academy will take in a special group to which only you and the other attending academy participants will have access. Here we will share the material that you will need in order to complete the certification.

Other Academy Locations and Dates