Copenhagen Academy Level 2 May 2024


May 29, 2024


May 31, 2024

Only few seats left

Academy Level II is here!

We would like to introduce you to our second level of the iMotions certification with our brand new iMotions Academy level II.

This is a 3- day course focusing on Data, Signal Processing, Exports and Analysis. You will bring some of your already collected data from one of your own studies.

Here are some highlights of our agenda:

  • Best practices
  • What is good data?
  • R-notebook deep dive
  • Create an analysis
  • Exports explained
  • Creating a poster with highlights from your results

We will finish the day by celebrating our certification with a report & poster walk

Is this course for you?

  • Yes, if you have already taken Academy I (the basic course)
  • Yes, if you have collected data and are ready to do your analysis
  • Yes, if you are an Academic or Commercial client wanting to know more about analysing data with iMotions.

If you wish to participate the first course will take place May 29th-31st 2024 in Copenhagen for the price of 2200 EURs. ( included is morning coffee and cake, Lunch and refreshments)
We have 10 seats and it will be first come, first served.

Feel free to contact your CSM for more information or use the form below:

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