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Introducing EduLabs, A Revolution in Human Behavior Research Software That Transforms Student Learning, Rigorous Academic Research

EduLabs integrates iMotions’ Online and Lab solutions into a dynamic, scalable, accessible platform that can benefit any student, department or research opportunity.

COPENHAGEN (February 28, 2024) – iMotions, the world’s leading software platform for studying the drivers behind human behavior, today unveiled EduLabs, a groundbreaking platform that powers academic institutions, departments and students to use human behavior research technology as an engine of achievement and opportunity.

Integrating biometric technology  solutions for research and education, Edulabs is a scalable holistic academic ecosystem that’s powerful and dynamic enough to support rigorous academic research, while accessible enough for any student to gain experience using the methodologies and technologies that are increasingly important even outside of academia. EduLabs embodies the vision of transforming traditional educational settings, providing students, educators, and researchers with unparalleled tools to study, understand, and innovate in the realm of human behavior. 

“We believe that human behavior research will be a cornerstone of academia — for students, researchers and institutions as a whole,” said  Peter Harzbech, CEO and founder of iMotions. “EduLabs has been imagined and developed with this in mind: giving students access to the essential research tools of tomorrow, powering deeper academic studies, and creating a foundation for revenue-generating partnerships — all of which can help propel institutions forward.””

EduLabs’ Online component is a browser-based, intuitive software platform—targeted to groups of 20 to 100—that provides access to eye tracking and facial expression analysis tools. Even the most novice students and researchers can begin to quickly learn valuable research practices and begin developing innovative experiments.

The Lab component of EduLabs provides a full suite of multimodal technologies that allow researchers to intuitively design complex studies that support any stimuli — from the real world to virtual reality. It includes built-in integrations for some of the most popular biosensors and eye trackers, as well as intuitive tools to analyze data live and generate heatmaps, graphs and tables — while annotating data. 

The scale of this integration allows iMotions EduLabs to deliver significant value to academic institutions across three core areas:

  • Enhanced and Expanded Research. EduLabs empowers researchers with cutting-edge biometric technologies to conduct the groundbreaking studies that are essential to individual researchers, departments and institutions. The platform allows for collaborations and expansion beyond a single discipline or department — allowing researchers from different fields and backgrounds to tackle complex and interdisciplinary challenges.  
  • Student Development & Workforce Preparedness. EduLabs equips students with the skills and learnings they need to succeed in today’s professional workforce. It integrates seamlessly into classroom settings, providing students with invaluable, immersive learning experiences that can position them at the forefront of their fields. By fostering student development, facilitating job placements, and becoming a valuable pipeline for companies seeking individuals with diverse skill sets and a deep understanding of human behavior, EduLabs serves as a catalyst for developing the next generation of business leaders, marketers, and researchers. .
  • Business  and Community Collaboration. EduLabs helps foster collaboration between academia and industry, creating partnerships and enhancing reputations. With advanced research technologies and expertise, institutions become valuable resources for businesses seeking research and insights. These partnerships not only generate critical funding and revenue but also provide students who are preparing for the workforce with networking opportunities. Universities can leverage EduLabs to become market research arms for corporations, solidifying their position as invaluable partners in research and insights.

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