iMotions Enhances World’s Leading, Multimodal Human Behavior Analysis Platform with Integration of Voice Analysis Module

iMotions Enhances World’s Leading, Multimodal Human Behavior Analysis Platform with Integration of Voice Analysis Module

The addition of audEERING’s voice analysis technology allows researchers to deploy more than 10 different research methodologies from 50+ different technologies to analyze emotions, influences behind human behavior 

COPENHAGEN, September 28 – iMotions, the world’s leading software platform for studying the drivers behind human behavior, today announced the integration of audEERING’S leading voice analysis technology, providing researchers with another dimension in the study of human behavior. 

With the integration of voice analysis, iMotions’ multimodal software platform now includes access to more than 10 different research methodologies from more than 50 different technologies, further enhancing the industry’s broadest and most comprehensive suite of tools for measuring all aspects of human behavior. 

“We strive to provide our customers with the latest, validated tools in order to deepen their study of the human condition, and voice analysis provides a powerful new dimension,” said Peter Hartzbech, CEO of iMotions. “It’s critical for researchers to be able to access the technologies that help with their individual challenges and opportunities because it’s clear that no single technology has a monopoly on the truth.”

Through audEERING’s voice analysis technology, researchers can access their multidimensional emotion model to measure a voice’s valence, arousal, and dominance. Data is then integrated into the iMotions platform and synchronized and analyzed alongside other biometric technologies, including eye tracking, EDA, EEG, ECG, EMG, and facial expression analysis. 

Voice analysis has emerged as a key measure of human behavior across a number of application areas, most prominently in: 

  • Clinical research to identify biomarkers for a wide range of neurological, psychiatric, and vocal disorders, including Parkinson’s Disease, depression and malignant throat polyps.
  • Social and behavioral research to detect changes in emotional states and study human interaction scenarios, including negotiation and educational/professional training. 
  • Marketing and consumer research to optimize communication and sales strategies through analyzing verbal responses in think-alouds, interviews and focus groups. 

“As a company with an internationally renowned scientific background, it is important to us to continuously improve the quality of research methodologies,” said Dagmar Schuller, AI expert and CEO of audEERING. “iMotions is a world-renowned research platform and we are very pleased that they have chosen us as their voice AI partner. Together, we will make a significant contribution to improving scientific processes and usher in a new era for human behavior analysis.”

For more information about the new voice analysis module, visit the dedicated voice analysis module page

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