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iMotions Mobile is currently in a closed beta and not available to the public. If you would like to learn more about what is currently possible with iMotions Mobile and where we are headed please don’t hesitate contacting us.

Combining human physiology with EMA is a game changer in human insights.

iMotions Mobile lets you combine EMA Research with sensor data

Since the 1970s researchers have investigated people’s behavior, attitudes, and well-being in their daily lives mainly by sending surveys to individuals on a timed or random basis, a methodology known as Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA). Today the ability to move beyond surveys to capture the lived experience of people has now become possible with the emergence of wearable sensors, such as chest straps, patches, and wristbands to capture a person’s physiology to supplement psychological insights.

iMotions Mobile is a new software platform that integrates EMA and wearable sensor data. The technology unveils a unique possibility to gather new insights about the psychology and physiology of people’s daily lives, making it a game-changer for researchers who study human psychology, work, performance, and wellbeing.

Expert Introduction to iMotions Mobile

iMotions Mobile Product Manager, Paolo Masulli, Ph.D. takes us through the fundamentals of iMotions Mobile, our first truly mobile research platform. Learn how iMotions Mobile excels compared to traditional data collection and research setups, how sensors connect seamlessly through Bluetooth, and how the platform lets you take your naturalistic research and data collection to the next level.

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iMotions Mobile is the perfect research companion for studies "in the wild.
iMotions Mobile is the perfect research companion for studies “in the wild.”

Mobile Behavior Research – in Real Life

To gain valuable insight into the day-to-day life of a respondent, iMotions Mobile lets you leverage the convenience of commercially available mobile devices and wearables to collect research-grade data where life is lived. The iMotions Mobile platform has been tailored to be the perfect discreet and non-invasive companion for naturalistic studies. Research the holistic everyday life of respondents through an Android mobile device housing our dedicated app, plus any wearable used in the study.

Smart Devices and Wearables for Large Groups

iMotions Mobile collects data through both the built-in sensors of Android devices, off-the-shelves fitness trackers such as polar bands and Fitbit, and specialized sensors such as the SMART accelerometer patch. This makes it easy to equip a large number of respondents to do a study simultaneously without spending a fortune. By utilizing UTC time synchronization, iMotions Mobile makes it easy to collect data from study participants and have the events synchronized, allowing for much more detailed and segmented data collection.

Conveniently collect data from several respondents simultaneously.
Conveniently collect data from several respondents simultaneously.
iMotions Mobile can prompt respondents with surveys to optimize data collection.
iMotions Mobile can prompt respondents with surveys to optimize data collection.

Combine Physiological Data with Self Reporting

iMotions Mobile allows respondents to live an unimpeded life, while still collecting valuable data throughout the duration of the study, such as heart rate and movement data. With the built-in survey feature, it is possible for respondents to self-report by answering surveys with Ecological Momentary Assessments at pre-determined times during the day, or through Bluetooth beacons.

More Than A Mobile App, It is a Data Collection Platform

The infrastructure allowing iMotions Mobile to run on a phone is built for distributed studies. In other words, phone apps are just one way of collecting data for a study. The platform allows for a myriad of different apps and devices to gather synchronized data for the same study, opening up a completely new type of research.

This is a fantastic data collection platform, but when combined with the analytical and visualization tools from the iMotions Lab software, it becomes an unbeatable human insights tool. Import your mobile studies into the iMotions Lab software and create aggregated analyses and ready-to-present visualizations.


  • Bluetooth Wearable Integration

    Integrates with the latest Bluetooth wearables on the market.

  • Survey platform agnostic

    Use any of the popular survey platforms such as Google Forms and Qualtrics to gather self-report data.

  • Phone Sensor Data

    On top of gathering data from tethered sensors, it is also possible to collect data from the device itself, such as accelerometer and GPS data.

  • GDPR Compliant

    Secure cloud based servers with locations in and outside the EU.

iMotions Mobile is built on the open source framework CARP which is the result of a collaboration between iMotions and the Copenhagen Center for Health Technology (CACHET). Read more about the framework and components at the website:

Want to find out more?

iMotions Mobile is currently in a closed beta. This means it is not available to the public and access is on an. invite only basis. If you would like to be part of trying out this new technology and shape the future of mobile research please contact us.


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