iMotions Mobile Research Platform

Collecting data in the wild through a smartphone

iMotions mobile app interface

Mobile Platform Features

How does it expand my research?

The iMotions Mobile Research Platform is catered to researchers whose goals include gathering data “in the wild.” The platform is modular, centered on integrating wearable sensors to track participants’ physiological and behavioral data as well as self report through surveys that can be delivered through a smartphone, e.g. triggered by events in the data. For example, step counters could be integrated with location-based triggers to assess perceptions of fatigue. The participants’ data can be collected in their natural environments, during their daily lives over long periods. More than just an app for mobile studies, it is a feature-rich platform for mobile research including:

  • Full study pipeline, from design to data export (and analysis)
  • Capacity to integrate mobile-based sensors
  • Time- and location-triggered surveys; i.e. with beacons
  • Fast and easy data visualizations
  • Efficient cloud database storage of the collected data
  • Secure authentication
  • Support for informed consent

Clients already using the iMotions Mobile Research Platform

Benefits of the iMotions Mobile Research Platform

Capture human experiences as they happen

The iMotions Mobile Research Platform is portable, unobtrusive, affordable, and easy to acquire. Time and environment are no longer obstacles that must be overcome, but rather variables that can be embraced. The data collected with the various components of the iMotions ecosystem can then be combined for analysis. We build tools that streamline the process, in order to make it easy to work on your data, no matter if it was collected in the lab, online, or in the field, or whether you’re in healthcare, consumer insights, R&D, or more.

Example of a study setup using iMotions Mobile Research Platform

Mobile Research Platform Flow

Is the Mobile Research Platform for you?

In order to assess whether you’d be a good fit for using the platform, check out the following criteria.

What kind of studies are you interested in performing? Your research could fall into, but is not limited to, these applications: 

  • Mobile and mobility studies outside of lab environments, i.e., “in the wild”
  • Longitudinal studies with or without wearables (days/weeks/months)
  • Healthcare: seizure detection, autism research, heart rate monitoring, behavioral and health studies, etc.
  • Accelerometry or actigraphy research
  • Human rest/activity cycles: movement studies, walking/step counting, etc.
  • Shopper testing or testing of retail environments
  • Research with smart watches or health trackers such as FitBit, Garmin, Polar, etc.

Practical requirements:

  • Project suitability: The project should directly benefit from having mobile biometric research applied to it as a central feature.
  • Timeline: We are still building out features in Mobile and are therefore looking for projects that are interested in co-development work.
  • Funding and Budget: Funding, or a promise of funding, for the project must be secured before project start to account for software and support.
  • Research Consultation: You should be willing to talk to our research consultants, who are some of the most experienced biometric researchers in the field, about how you would use features in development in iMotions, in exchange for research design guidance and ad-hoc software support.

Interested in working on a Mobile project? 

Tell us about your research.

We are still soliciting ad-hoc proposals for co-development projects. Please submit your non-binding interest by answering the questions in the following form about your project proposal/plan, projected timeline, funding, and research expectations, and the team will get back to you if there is a fit.