Influence of video food ads in digital menu boards and healthy eating decisions

Peters, Anicia

Abstract: The affordability of plasma screens and high-speed Internet access has led to the proliferation of digital signage in public and private commercial locations over the past years. Marketers, content strategists and technologists have increasingly tried to capture the attention of consumers using digital signage, and this has led to rapid advances in the technology. Consumers, however, might be experiencing information overload characterized by exhibiting signs of display blindness, messaging fatigue and less optimal decision-making. Previous studies have shown that the use of the video in digital signage can capture attention. This dissertation research examined how the use of video food ads in digital menu boards can influence more healthful eating choices. Methods included laboratory studies, eye tracking studies and field studies where the effects of rotating images of healthful and less healthful food dishes were compared. Main and interaction effects were found for the use of rotating images as well as healthfulness of food choice. Factors influencing the healthfulness of choices are elaborated on in the findings.

This publication uses Eye Tracking Screen Based which is fully integrated into iMotions Lab

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