Determining Consumer Preferences for Floral Design Elements

Floral designers have long been taught that the most important attributes of a floral design are the
elements of line, color, texture, pattern, form, space, and size. Yet, little formal research has been
conducted to determine which of these design elements are truly important to consumers and
drive their purchasing behavior. This project, co-funded by AFE and PMA, seeks to answer this
overarching question and thereby enhance the likelihood of floral purchases in the future.

Designs and flowers were chosen based on industry mark-up standards and the arrangements were freshly created at the Benz School of Floral Design. A professional photographer was hired to take and process all photographs. Photos were used instead of fresh arrangements because the variability of the fresh product could not be consistent for the entire study period. Photos were then imported into iMotions Biometric software and randomized to prevent picture ordering effects.

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