Immersive Natural EEG Neurofeedback to Stimulate Creativity

Abstract: We propose a natural, 3D immersive and real-time representation of the mental state acquired through EEG. Unlike most other neurofeedback methods currently in use, which are mostly simplistic, synthetic representations, our approach will make use of rich natural visual metaphors, presented immersivity and user-centric. This powerful approach will stimulate deep neurofeedback-based learning and opens a wide range of applications, from the personal training of various mental capabilities (relaxation, focus, etc.) to psychological or psychiatric treatment. In this paper, we present the general concept of the system (acquiring the EEG data, it’s processing, mapping, and rendering) and discuss one of its most promising applications – in stimulating users’ creativity. There is detailed a training protocol to enhance neurological processes related to the creative activity, based on researched studies.


  • EEG 
  • Brain waves 
  • Brain-computer interface 
  • Neurofeedback 
  • Virtual reality
  • Procedural animation and generation 

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