The Forensic biometric analysis of changes in facial response provoked by emotional arousal during initial and subsequent exposure to stimuli

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to determine if recall of the same stimuli produces similar emotional reactions as the initial response. Humans experience involuntary and voluntary responses when encountered with a stimulus. Facial expressions are the natural way to deduce and interpret the emotional state of that person. Specialized software called iMotions biometric software can virtually mold itself to the structure of one’s face to interpret and infer the personalized emotional states. There are seven main emotions detected by the iMotions emotient FACET facial expression recognition and analysis software; joy, sadness, anger, surprise, contempt, disgust, and fear. 11 respondents, 6 females and 5 males, 20-23 years of age participated in this study. Seven videos were shown to each respondent corresponding to each emotion analyzed. Two sessions took place for this procedure; in the first the respondents viewed the stimuli for the initial exposure, following the general procedure, in the second session, respondents viewed the same stimuli again, as the recalled exposure. It was expected that a decrease in every emotion for every respondent on the recalled exposure compared to the initial would occur. The emotion time percent values generated by the iMotions software confirmed that previously being exposed to a stimulus reduces the level of emotion the second time in comparison to the first and that recall of the same stimuli produces a lesser emotional reaction in comparison to the initial response. It can be concluded that each respondent exhibited similar levels of reaction from the initial exposure to the recalled exposure.

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