Emotional Domotics: Inhabitable Space Variable Control for the Emotions Modulation

Abstract: Throughout this document the details and progress of the research in emotional domotics, whose ultimate goal is the development of a controlled algorithm for living spaces based on the emotional state of the user, will be illustrated and detailed. The first section details the motivations and objectives of the project. The second section gives a brief introduction about what is domotics and emotional interpretation through the facial analysis. The third section details the direction and current progress of this research. Later in section four, the background and models that have influenced the project are detailed. Sections five and six detail the procedures and results of the first experiment conducted during the investigation. Finally, in section seven we will close with the conclusions currently achieved and a brief introduction to the future work are showed.


  • Emotional domotics
  • Intelligent Ambient
  • Facial Analysis
  • Facial Action Coding System

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