Emotional domotics: a system and experimental model development for UX implementations

Abstract: The Emotional Domotics (home automation) is a concept that has been one of the main focus of our research team seeks to integrate the subject or user of an inhabitable space as central element for the modulation and control of the environmental variables in a house automation implementation for the life quality improvement and in consequence as a method to reduce stress. Even though this project is centered on domotics systems. The development and implementations proved useful as a User Experience analysis tool for products and services. The research originally proposed working with the analysis of the influence of environmental variables on the emotional and physiological response. The first experimental results led to the finding of the emotional response time dynamics (Navarro-Tuch et al., in: SAI Intelligent Systems Conference. London, pp 567–571, 2016). Such dynamics were important for further design and implementation of the testing methodology for response analysis to alternative stimuli. The final sections of the work present a final experiment in which the stimuli contemplated were the temperature, humidity, light intensity and visual stimuli with the corresponding testing methodology implementation. Which led to the final correlation equations for each of five basic emotions selected. These equations may allow us to propose an initial plant model for a control system to be developed by further research.

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