Determining Emotions via Facial Expression Analysis Software

Abstract: Facial expression recognition has been a highly researched topic in the field of biometrics for decades. It has been used with the intent of both identifying specific individuals, and in understanding human relations and communication. Grouping these expressions into emotions is a subset of this research, which is still new. The focus of this study is to assess the validity of iMotions as a facial expression recognition biometric system, and determine its use in association of those expressions with emotions. This may include understanding the difference between an emotional or reflexive response to external stimuli. A potential case study with this type of software is in medicine and geriatric care. Patients in these situations may not always be able to communicate their state of being with a care provider. Using a system such as iMotions may be able to assist these victims in the future. The purpose of this study is to evaluate iMotions biometrics platform as a system for collecting and analyzing facial expressions.


  • Facial expression
  • Biometric Systems
  • Data processing
  • Human emotional reactions

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