MOSI: Multimodal Corpus of Sentiment Intensity and Subjectivity Analysis in Online Opinion Videos

Abstract: People are sharing their opinions, stories and reviews through online video sharing websites every day. Studying sentiment and subjectivity in these opinion videos is experiencing a growing attention from academia and industry. While sentiment analysis has been successful for text, it is an understudied research question for videos and multimedia content. The biggest setbacks for studies in this direction are lack of a proper dataset, methodology, baselines and statistical analysis of how information from different modality sources relate to each other. This paper introduces to the scientific community the first opinion-level annotated corpus of sentiment and subjectivity analysis in online videos called Multimodal Opinionlevel Sentiment Intensity dataset (MOSI). The dataset is rigorously annotated with labels for subjectivity, sentiment intensity, per-frame and per-opinion annotated visual features, and per-milliseconds annotated audio features. Furthermore, we present baselines for future studies in this direction as well as a new multimodal fusion approach that jointly models spoken words and visual gestures.

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