Communication system development for emotional domotics interactive space

Abstract: Domotic integrates different technologies to facilitate the task in the home area. Domotic tools lead to the design and construction of interactive space with potential fields of use. Emotion Domotics is a research in which it is sought to create an interactive space for testing that its main objective is to react to the emotional state of the user in order to modify the environment until reaching the appropriate stage in which the user enters a state of comfort. It is also sought that this interactive space can be used to increase labor and learning efficiency. Another potential application of this interactive space is that it can be used as a tool to evaluate the user experience of products and services. However, to achieve the objective of this research, a communication system must be developed that integrates the available domotic technologies with biometric systems for the detection of emotions. This communication system is important for the progress of the research because it will also be the one that will control the environmental variables such as temperature, light intensity and hue, and humidity within the interactive space to create a scenario according to the user’s needs. Throughout this work, the development of the communication system for the interactive space will be presented, as well as the tests carried out to validate the effectiveness of the communication system.

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